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Health Risks

  • Injury or fatality can occur when transporting heavy machinery.
  • Trailering problems and mistakes can lead to “Jackknife” type truck accidents.
  • Machines unexpectedly can roll and land on top of it’s user.
  • Body parts can get caught inside and compressed by the powerful equipment.
  • Falling or shooting items can hit homeowners like, rocks, dirt, logs or a snapped tree limb.
  • Trips and falls are very common in any freshly dug holes.
  • A trips and fall while using a machine can result in a serious injury or death.
  • Rented machines can inadvertently touch overhead or underground power lines.
  • Exposure to outdoor temperature extremes, dangerous airborne substances and unexpected electrical currents.
  • Pulled or torn muscles from unusual twisting and lifting motions.
  • Tool kickback can resulting in torn ligaments or broken bones.
  • Heatstroke caused by overexertion. Intense sunburn or dehydration due to overexposure.
  • many more….