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Log Splitting Service

Backyard Backup Log Splitting Service is remarkable.  Our SK1050 mini skid steer is fitted with a “Ramsplitter” 35 Ton Reverse Load Hydraulic Attachment This makes the processing of our customers rounds fast and efficient.  This powerful splitter attachment gives us the ability to:

  1. drive up to a round still inside a round pile
  2. pull one round out from the pile
  3. center and line up the round on the ground
  4. clamp the round in the reverse splitter jaws
  5. lift up that clamped round
  6. move the clamped round to a designated log pile
  7. split the round in the air over the log pile
  8. drop log pieces in to the pile without stopping or leaving the mini skids platform

This “hands off” machine run log splitting process makes the processing of 1-2 full cords of wood possible within only 2-3 hrs.  We spilt rounds that range in diameters from 10″ inches to 24″ inches.  The maximum length of rounds need to be 24.5 inches so please cut them to fit inside our splitters jaw. (25 inches wide).  We avoid visable knots and tree divides.  We will avoid rotted pieces as well.

A “4 way” splitter blade can be used on rounds that range from 10″ to 18″ inches in diameter.  This 4 way blade greatly increases the efficiency of our processing however it’s designed to be used on small to medium diameter rounds.

Typically we will then run a “2 way” splitter (a single blade) for rounds 18″ inches up to 24″ in diameter.  Single splitter blades handle larger rounds easier.

Note: we will not attempt to process large round diameters greater than 24″ inches.  We can move these giant rounds around using our fork attachment or we may crack them using our “Atom Corkscrew Splitter Attachment” but we will avoid using our efficient hydraulic splitter until diameters are properly sized down.  Very large thick diameter rounds past 2 ft. (24 inches) require very powerful hydraulic equipment with pressure beyond 35 tons. A full skid steer may be needed to handle these giants with out risking expensive internal damage.  We don’t do this.

Hourly Rate Is $125 per hr.  with a Minimum Job of 2 hrs.  Manual hand log stacking on log racks and round relocation using our mini machine also provided at the $125 per hr. rate.

We prefer splitting rounds on either gravel side areas or on pavement.  This can help avoid weather delays.  If we are asked to split your rounds on grass or on a dirt area please be aware that a 10′ x 10′ area will get a bit torn up due to our mini skids tracks.  Zero turning side to side and running back and forth to grab and drop off logs will be evident in the soil.  (please try to target a “dry day” to avoid “rain or mud.”  Mud can clog our tracks and we then risk getting stuck.  Mud conditions often necessitate rescheduling. 

Note: If we are asked to stay after log splitting to hand stack your log rack or work inside of a log shed you will first need to set your log rack/pallets on stable flat ground (not on unleveled dirt areas)  Logs stacks often reach high. They tend to lean over and tip if not based on a level surface using side braces.  Please pre-prepare for stacking properly.

Note: “Kindling Splits” – Diameters 10 inches and below are also done “by hand” and we use a 3 ton small electric splitter. Small rounds and branches are just too small to line up properly with the mini skid.  This then becomes labor intensive and it remains at the same rate as our machine work.

To understand the the speed and the capability our “Atom Splitter Head on our High Torque Auger Attachment please click on the following links to see it in action. (chainsaw slicing work may be required after we crack larger diameters to set up for hydraulic splitting)  ($110 per hr. min 2hrs)