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This unmatched mini skid steer is equipped with a 37-hp Tier 4 Yanmar® diesel engine. The SK1050 directs 30 hp toward all  attachments, giving the operator the power to tackle an assortment of challenging yard tasks.

The SK1050’s attachment horsepower, combined with 13.9 gpm auxiliary flow and 3,625 psi (250 bar), results in quicker jobsite cycle times.  The SK1050 is a 42 inch wide machine when it is measured track edge to track edge. This narrow dimension allows it to fit through most standard yard gates.  This machine is fast capable of 4.7-mph (7.6-km/h) ground drive speed both forward and in reverse. 


Best in its class, 83-inch (2.1-m) hinge-pin height enables flexible and efficient loading and unloading at a wide range of dump heights and an improved operating capacity ensures the machine can withstand maximum weight at maximum height.  1,062-lb (482-kg) rated operating capacity with exceptional stability allows operators to effectively maneuver jobsites while carrying heavier loads.  

Our Mini Skid Trailer

Backyard Backup Services offers the unique ability to trailer up to 6 different mini skid attachments to your location in only one trip. This gives us the ability to multitask  efficiently in hours rather than days.

It’s a trailering feat impossible and unsafe using other types of trailers that are not uniquely designed for this. 

Custom steel reinforced compartments and heavy duty shelving conserves valuable trailer space to fit numerous attachments.  Our heavy duty Felling FT-14 trailer boasts dual 7000 lb. axels allowing for a GVWR of up to 14,000 lbs.



1. The Harley Rake Attachment

The Harley Rake attachment is what you use when precise grading or leveling needs to occur.  It has the unique ability to lift small to medium size rocks out of the ground and knock them forward using carbide nubs on the heavy roller.  It uses it’s roller to churn soil and turf down only 3 inches.  Making the Harley Rake the perfect tool for leveling areas that already have irrigation lines buried and in the way.  This is the perfect tool for sod preparation and tedious rock clearing.

2. Trenching Attachment

This (3 ft. bar) toro trencher is the attachment you need when you must create a 6 inch wide trench opened up. (no deeper than 36 inches) This is the perfect cutting tool for a DIY sprinkler installation, french drainage pipes and electrical conduit runs. We run our trencher with carbide soil cups blades and with shark teeth to manage Northern Jersey’s rocky conditions.  

Note: any deeper trenching (requires a 4-5 ft bar) this requires an another digging solution that will also carry true excavating insurance to manage risks below 4 ft. 






3. High Torque Auger Attachment

Need to drill holes into rocky ground for a deck / shed foundation? Cement sonotubes?Don’t even think about grabbing a hand held tool or weak rental auger unless you don’t value your lower back or your weekend. 

Have your 9 inch, 12 inch, 18 inch and 30 inch diameter holes created the stable, easy and safe way.  We can drill down to max. of 60 inches using a special auger bit extension.  This attachments high torque motor powers its way through almost any tough obstacle. 

Note: Please have exact center markings ready on drill day (we/prefer string centering method)- have sonotubes on hand to stabilize the holes once drilled. 









Four Auger Bits!

Drill into any type of soil using our multiple auger bits to create exactly the right hole for your project. Select from our 4 large bits.

9 inch (dirt), 12 inch (rock), 18 inch (dirt) or 30 inch (dry well) auger bits.

 Rocky conditions?  Ask us to bring our special 12 inch “Rock Crushing Bit” with its rotating carbide nubs instead of standard soil blades.  The perfect rock crushing bit for Northern Jersey’s rocky soil.

Auger Attachment with Stump Planner

This special planner bit for our Auger Attachment is an innovative, silent, clean method to destroy small to medium sized tree stumps. However this planner has many other unique uses. Example: When trenching near a tree often large tree roots will block the trenchers cutting progress. The root often is thick and it’s positioned too deep for a stump grinder or fanged ripper to hit it properly . This is the perfect situation for the Auger Planner Bit. We lower it into the trench poke the planners tip into the root and start drilling. Slicing away the obsitcle.

Sometimes customers need to drill a hole in to a leveled stump where a new plant can be replanted. No other tool can do this.

4. The 4 Fanged Ripper Attachment

Our 4 Fanged Ripper Attachment is a brush  clearing and turf rip up beast. This plant and soil tearing attachment is extremely versatile. It often is used to disturb the ground before Harley Raking or Soil Cultivating occurs.  It dislodges any rocks and rips away any underground root or vine.  It truly can sink its teeth into almost anything and rip it out.  It easily drags or pushed all things away.  It can be used to closely scrape the ground using its bladed top edge. The work seems allmost endless for this attachment. 

5. Soil Cultivator Attachment

The Soil Cultivator Attachment remains the perfect tool for roto-tilling (blades churn 6 inches down) and using its spinning leveler it recreates in one reverse pass. It can take a bad weedy grass area and turn that area into the perfect fluffy topsoil for reseeding.  Don’t overbuy yards of topsoil. Many times adding topsoil is just unnecessary because this attachment can churn dirt that’s already there. 

Note: must avoid cultivating over existing sprinkler/drainage lines. 

Note: the ground is usually is fang ripped and or Harley Raked prior to Soil Cultivating to pre-remove most surface showing rocks. 

Note: cultivating should be targeted for a “dry dirt” day (no muddy conditions). When booking this online I advise adding a roll over  2nd booking date to help avoid weather delays.  


6. Screening Rock Bucket With Grapple Attachment

The Screening Rock Bucket With Grapple Attachment is the attachment you want to request when you have leveled a rocky area and this created large combination dirt and rock piles that must now somehow be efficiently separated. 

This special screening bucket can drop the dirt through slits while holding the rocks back to be dropped and piled.

This hydraulic bucket has 3 grapple that are is ideal for grabbing large brush piles and loading them into a dumpster or trailer.  


7. Stump Grinding Attachment

Our Stumper 220 Attachment is another key attachment. Because it’s an attachment it’s the grinder that we load when a customer needs grinding service along with some other yard services.  It’s simple and it’s safe to use. In some ways safer than our larger, powerful, fully dedicated “Walk Behind” Toro Stump Grinder.


The Stumper 220 attachment has a 22″ diameter cutting wheel with 11 thick carbide teeth on a 1/2″ thick wheel. This helps it to achieve a 6″ cut per pass.  Because its “side directed” it is able to lift up high and get very close to objects like fences, homes and the larger chips will fly away directed to the side.  This maneuverable attachment is ideal for lowering any stump(s) 2 to 3 inches below the ground surface. A forward facing large grinder that spins using high RPM’s can slam and shoot surface rocks too hard. The stumper is tough effective and unique in its many grinding capabilities.   


8. 4 in 1 Bucket Attachment w/teeth

The 4 in1 Bucket Attachment got its unusual name due to its multipurpose design.  

This hydraulic powered multi use bucket does it all: dozing, grappling, leveling, digging, loading, and dumping.

It’s the preferred bucket we use to pry up large concrete remnants.  It’s the bucket we choose to grab large railroad ties logs or trees parts to load them into dumpsters.

Having teeth on the lip means that this bucket can dig.  Having a grapple capability means it can open, close, grab carry and drop.



9. Boom Attachment

This is our Mini Skid Boom Attachment.  It’s designed to pick up and and carry a variety of material or equipment.  It’s a great landscaping tool that easily will pick up trees for planting, loading and transport. It also has been used as a jib or engine crane.

It has lifted interior header beams up and through windows and has placed sharp heavy gates in place.

If it your item can be connected to this booms chains our mini skid can lift it up and place it where it goes.

Max. 900 lbs.

10. Light Material Bucket Attachment

This is our Light Material Bucket Attachment.  This bucket moves the landscape material we attack.  We use this bucket for topsoil, mulch, gravel, sand, pea stone, river rocks and QP.

It is 48 inches wide and it can transport up to 6 cubic ft. of material in every scoop. This equals approx. 2-3 wheelbarrow loads in every scoop.


11. Leveler Bar Attachment

Our Leveling Attachment has a flow-through design for detail raking, spreading, grading and backfilling trenches and other landscape jobs. It’s also great for transporting materials around the jobsite like sod or bags of manure.

12. Fork Attachment

The Fork Attachment is an attachment always is in demand.  These adjustable forks are rated for a lifted capacity over 2000 lbs. even though the mini skid steer lifts up to 1000 lbs.  Excellent tool for transporting equipment, loaded pallets, cement pieces, boulders and tree balls.   We use these forks to get under brush piles allowing quick lift, carry and dumping.

Quick Spade On Fork Attachment

The Quick Spade is the perfect add on tool for digging out any stubborn rocks, transplanting trees (while preserving roots), removing stumps, and more. The ability to get underneath with a flat blade and pry up makes this a valuable accessory to the Fork Attachment.

13. E40 Backhoe Attachment

Our Eterra E40 Mini Skid Backhoe Attachment is the tool that we turn to for digging small ditches, trenches, and digging out any bushes shrubs and most stumps.

This Backhoe Attachment is one tough , powerful hydraulic powered digging machine.   We use this powerful Mini Backhoe where larger machines may lack access.  

12 inch wide/3 tooth bucket and a 52 inch digging reach!

Optional Thumb & Optional Grapple also available.

14. Jackhammer Attachment

Our Toro Hydraulic Breaker simplifies the tough job of breaking up concrete, asphalt, rock or brick during renovation jobs. This rugged jackhammer attachment helps to break up footings, sidewalks, foundations and a host of other solid structures. The unique mounting configuration also allows for horizontal alignment, particularly useful in breaking apart walls.

Multi-position mounting head. Powerful, 180 ft-lbs. (244 N) of force   Breaks Down to 10″ (25.4 cm) depth – Standard, conical tool bit breaks down to an 10″ (25.4 cm) depth.  delivers 1250 blows per minute.

15. Reverse Log Splitting Attachment w/4 Way Blade

Have some tree rounds left over from a tree that you took down?  Consider our log splitting service before this winter. This Reverse Log Splitter Attachment can apply up to 35 tons of pressure and this crusher will split any log.  (Rounds can not exceed 25.5 inches long)

Because of its reverse – upside down position it can grab logs off the ground, split them and drop the smaller 4 logs where ever you wish.  No lifting or manual handling.

The 4 way blade make every job fast and easy. 1 becomes 4 and 4 becomes 16.

Our 5 x 10 Sure Trac - Dump Trailer with Landscape Gate.