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Old Shed and Fence Demolition

One unique service Backyard Backup does better then anyone is the demolition of any older wooden yard structures. Our SK1050 Mini Skid using its E40 Backhoe Attachment w/Single Ripper has incredible hydraulic crushing power and it easily rips apart any shed.   it also can uproot the cement footings for an old fence in minutes. Our machine allows the operator to stay back safely protected by the machines strong arms as the structure comes apart and falls down. It controls the fall.  The most dangerous part of taking down any old shed is when the walls are compromised and the roof inevitably falls down and in. Doing this type of demolition individually (by hand) with a pry bar or a sledgehammer is exhausting and is super dangerous. Endless rusty nails seem to stick out of everywhere you go and they fall on to the ground to be unknowingly stepped on. Sometimes just the swinging of heavy ended manual tools can cause injury.  Often they miss the target, bounce back and end up hitting the person. Don’t take these unnecessary risks. Don’t waste time and effort.  We demolish and then we can load low side dumpsters or hauling away debris in our dump trailer. We maintain a annual municipal dump registration stickers to facilitate this type of construction dumping too.