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Rental Store Disadvantages

  • You will need to travel to the rental store early in the morning to make the most of your rental day.
  • Assume all “operational”, “equipment damage” liability throughout entire rental period. carefully read the rental contract fine print before you sign! (it leverages the homeowner’s own insurance policy and if that policy coverage is insufficent they will require the purchasing of added damage protection. LIABILITY always will remains on the renter!
  • Machines often are older and have been abused by previous DIY renters
  • The specific Machine you want can be simply unavailable… (….out already…rented sorry!)
  • Machine is likely one task capable.
  • Machine is relatively underpowered and inefficient campared to a Toro DIngo TX.
  • Machine is awkward to use: “a Hand/Push-Style”,”Un-Tracked” or possibly “Wheel Powered”
  • Machine is unstable, heavy & hard to turn.
  • Machine is complicated to learn on your own. (only minimal operating information provided at store)
  • Machine is potentially dangerous to operate without proper training.
  • Trailering it behind your SUV often is required …. If no “Delivery” or “Pickup” option exists.
  • If store does “Deliver”, usually it requires an extra delivery/pickup fee and the date and times must be pre-scheduled.
    Once you actually rent to this machine it is up to you to quickly figure out how to:
  • Connect their large heavy trailer to your vehicle. (they likely will help but be prepared to wait if they are busy)
  • Tow it home behind your vehicle and park it.
  • Unload Machine safely from stores trailer.
  • Operate it safely and effectively at your worksite without damaging it.
  • Wash it. Reload it back on the trailer. Secure it properly for the return trip.
  • Make sure fuel tank is re-gassed exactly as rented with proper type of gas.
  • Rush it back to rental store within the estimated rental period or you will pay more.
  • Drive home and take a nap.