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Rock / Concrete Splitting and Remnant Removal

Do you have a large boulder or a large concrete – Patio / Walkway / Slab  or Steps that needs to be cracked and then removed?  Often we can use our powerful Jackhammer Attachment on any  concrete.  We can then lift, pry and load concrete remnants using our mini skid steer into our dump trailer.


Boulders require very different splitting procedures then cement.  Because they are solid rock they will damage a jackhammers inside mechanism.

Digging machines like our SK1050 mini skid steer only can dig out and lift certain sizes and weights using its hydraulic cylinders.  If you ignore the specifications and exceed any digging machines lift capacity it likely will damage the machines components and create a very expensive problem.  If you price renting of an oversized machine like a Mini Excavator or a Bobcat you will find that avenue to be very expensive and difficult.

We have a much better way!

Backyard Backup Services offers two proven and safe methods to split rock explained in the videos and the PDF files below. 

  1. Expanding Mortar (Ecobust) – Safe and quiet.  Need 2 days exactly 1 week apart.
  2. Microblasting (Ezebreak) – 1 Day  Will Make a popping noise.