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Stump Grinding Services

A popular service that Backyard Backup takes pride in providing to our customers is our professional stump grinding with full cleanup service.

Direct to home owners and subcontracting jobs welcome.

We will eliminate any size or number of stumps currently that mar the looks of your property. Regardless of a stumps location or situation we have the ability to work on them efficiently.

  • Stump Pricing is always based on job conditions (i.e stumps height, machine access, hills, rocks, roots, cleanup, haul away,)
  • Minimum fee of $150 (for trailer loading and arrival) even for 1 Extra Small stump (up to 12″)
  • Small to Medium 12″- 24″  range $85 to $200
  • Medium to Large 24″- 36″  range $200 to $600
  • Large to Xtra Large 36″- 48″  range $450 to $800
  • Xtra Large to Huge 48″- 72″  custom quoted.
  • Additional Gas/Travel Fee is calculated based on the distance and number of trips. (approx. $15 – $45)

We provide OPTIONAL FULL CLEANUP SERVICE which includes both chip removal and subsequent ground raking/leveling on grind jobs. That means no messy chip piles left behind to block future grass growth. We can grind 3” below the surface grade. Our grind job is done when the ground is clean and clear. We leave you with an area perfect for grass seed.

Backyard Backup has heavily invested in some of the most sophisticated and highly versatile stump grinding technology available today. Our main work horse stump grinder is called the Rayco RG55R (remote) 54 hp.  We use this machine on 2.5 ft. and larger stumps.

For Our (small to Medium Stumps) we use our Toro STX 38. (pictured on the right) this tracked dedicated Toro Grinder has a 34 hp fuel injected engine and it uses intelli-sweep hydraulic technology.

We’re also able to put to work our Stumper 220 grinding attachment designed to compliment our versatile Ditch Witch SK1050. By using our Mini Skid, and our 5″ x 10″ duel axel dump trailer we can quickly facilitate FULL CHIP CLEANUP AND HAUL AWAY of any grinding jobs mess. You simply will not find a better equipped, more efficient or better priced stump grinding service then ours.   Book Online Today.