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Turf Services

Backyard Backup Services provides turf restoration and preparation services to get your grass areas looking better than ever!

Listed below are the primary attachments that we use to recondition our customers dirt or lawn areas.  You will find our unique equipment produces highly efficient results that cannot be matched by ANY other landscaper process or rental machine. Our $150 hourly rate 2 hr. minimum always comes in lower than our competitions.  Don’t buy a giant pile of endless topsoil!  Your existing yards dirt very likely needs to be conditioned using our unique attachments.  Contact us today.

Turf Ripping – Initial Ground Disturbing.

Typically our 1st step.  Our 4 Fang Ripper is a highly versatile attachment. It is excellent for tearing deep into the soil before we run any other hydraulic attachments (Rock Rake, Level or Rototill).  Ripper has adjustable blade depth and the individual blades can each be removed.  It can be flipped on it’s back side to also use as a scraper/plow for pushing away clumps and larger rocks.



Harley Raking – Knocking Rocks Forward & Leveling.

Our Harley Rake is the attachment you choose when 3 inches of churning is all that you need. The Harley Rake has a heavy drum that rotates with rows of carbide nubs that hit and knock all rocks forward.  It is excellent for leveling and for sod preparation.


Soil Cultivating – Churning soil and leveling for grass seeding.

When you need to cultivate down 6 inches to churn the soil and fully prepare it for seeding you need the Soil cultivator Attachment.

Used once most of the rocks are cleared. Used once ground is pre-ripped.   Can’t be run in muddy conditions. Levels as it cultivates.


Topsoil Drop & Spreading – Light Material Bucket

  • Add Topsoil To Increase Low Spots.
  • Add Topsoil To Change The Dirt Composition.

Is you dirt too much clay? Is your dirt “fill dirt” containing too many rocks.  Sometimes the best way to promote grass growth is to add a top layer of premier organic topsoil in order to grow grass. Using our Light Material Bucket we can make 1 pile into mini piles all over your area and then spread using our Leveler Attachment.


Level Bar Attachment – Finishing

Once the added topsoil is dropped into small piles or if a turf area is still bumpy we use this Level Bar Attachment to apply the final flattening detail work.  When we finish your turf area it will look amazing clean and even.