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Why Hire Backyard Backup?

AKA: MiniSkid4Hire:

What do the guys on the landscaping shows have that you don’t have? …(Besides their own TV show, that is.)
They have all the right tools to make their job easier, whether they’re building a deck, clearing brush to make way for a new patio or digging a hole for a backyard pond.

Fortunately, you don’t need the budget of a television landscaping celebrity or the storage space of a production studio to get access to the perfect tool for your summer/spring/fall do-it-yourself project. Just call or go online and hire Backyard Backup. Backyard Backup will deliver it’s Ditch Witch SK1050 Mini Skid Steer along with 15 powerful attachments. The contractor/operator will complete your toughest yard tasks quickly. Once Backyard Backup is finished they re-trailer leaving the homeowner with only the parts of the job that he/she can handle.

Contractors have been using Mini Skid Steers – (the landscaping equivalent of a Swiss army knife) – for years. And thanks to Backyard Backup Services, Northern New Jersey homeowners can access the same machine without any hassles. These multi-purpose units do the work of several different tools with a simple change of attachments, saving time and substantial effort compared to doing these tasks by hand.

The Ditch Witch SK1050 is an example of a Mini Skid Steer that’s especially useful for residential applications, since it’s reliable and compact enough to fit into tight spots.

6 Ways you can use a Mini Skid Steer and it’s attachments to ensure your outdoor projects

have professional-looking results:

1. Stump Grinding and Stump Planing.

Eliminating any size stump(s) and small shrubs. Full chip cleanup and raking is always included as an option.

2. Digging Holes.

Many outdoor projects involve digging a hole, whether you’re building a deck or fence or preparing to install a fish pond. Set aside the shovel and post-hole digger, and use the loader’s auger attachment – available in widths from a 9” bit up to a 30” bit. These powerful tools significantly reduce digging time, allowing you to move quickly past this basic first step for many projects.

3. Leveling Ground.

Virtually every outdoor building project requires you to start out with level ground. A level surface will make gardening chores easier, ensure a good base beneath a patio or deck, and protect landscaping from erosion and run-off. But manually leveling uneven ground can be very labor-intensive. A loader with a leveler, tiller, utility blade or soil cultivator attachment greatly reduces time and labor, and allows you to achieve smoother, more even ground.

4. Digging/Filling Trenches.

Digging or filling a trench is another labor-intensive soil-moving chore that can be much easier with the right equipment. A loader with a trencher attachment can quickly create a trench, even in the hardest soil or clay. And once you’ve placed the irrigation pipe or other material, you can use the trench filler attachment to fill and close the trench.

5. Lifting and Carrying Material.

Need to move a load of stone, piles of dirt or lots of lumber? Lifting and carrying heavy loads by hand is not only time-consuming and difficult; it can be downright dangerous. For instance, it can lead to back strain – not to mention mashed fingers and toes if you accidentally drop what you’re carrying. Instead, consider renting a compact utility loader with a bucket, adjustable forks, multi-purpose tool or grapple rake attached to do the heavy lifting for you.

6. Cleaning Up Debris.

If you have brush, small tree limbs or rocks to clear away, a loader with a bucket or grapple rake attachment can make the job much easier. You’ll be able to carry more debris with every load – and with less effort- than pushing a wheelbarrow.  Need to remove a stump?  A loader with a stump grinder attachment is another big time saver..

Bottom Line:

If your project involves multiple tasks, hiring Backyard Backup just makes sense.  Homeowners get an experienced operator and a compact utility loader with all appropriate attachments.  This is a great alternative to renting multiple tools.  Outdoor projects don’t have to be such back-breaking labor.You just need the right tools for the job.  A mini skid steer can help make your summer DIY project easier and ensure those TV guys have nothing on you when it comes to creating a great outdoor environment.

Renting a machine at a local rental store or improvement center is

Definitely NOT!!! a better solution. Why?  (Click Here!)

Health Risks of “Do It Yourself”?

Difficult soil related work such as trenching, digging, lifting paver blocks, drilling holes in rocky soil can involve hours of intense back breaking labor which can lead to a painful back injury requiring a hospital visit. Work like this should never be done improperly or unsafely.    Possible Health Risks!….(Click Here!)